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infidelityNew illustration for Verdens Gang. Infidelity. Tension in the bedroom, as husband enters/exists bed under the watchful eye of (pretending to sleep) his wife.


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FertilizerAdvertising illustration for Mosaic. Fertilizer. The difficult choice facing US farmers every year: Which fertilizer to use for the planting season?


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SensitivegFull page illustration for Verdens Gang. Sensitive. Narrative illustration depicting a person over-sensitive to criticism. Eventually leading to a potential breakdown of the relationship.

Cyber Security

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cyber securityNew illustration for The Financial Times. Cyber Security. Fighting of viruses in any way one can. Do you trust your anti-virus software?

Spreading Wings

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Stay or goNew illustration for Verdens Gang. Spreading Wings. The difficult choice.

The Lovers

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RelationshipFull page illustration for Verdens Gang. The Lovers. A road depicting the ups and downs in a relationship, winding its way through the woods to a bright future.

Artificial Intelligence

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AI HypeNew Illustration for The Financial Times. Artificial Intelligence. Is the Dawn of the Robots really (finally) here?

The Future

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the-futureFull page illustration for John Hopkins Magazine. The Future. 1950’s prediction feature illustration ‘the healthcare of tomorrow’.

Future of Flight

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dangers-of-flightIllustration for John Hopkins Magazine. Future of Flight. 1950’s prediction feature illustration ‘the healthcare of tomorrow’.

Super Computer

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computerIllustration for John Hopkins Magazine. Super Computer. 1950’s prediction feature illustration ‘the healthcare of tomorrow’.