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New editorial illustration for VG. Waiting. Putting your life on hold for a very long time in hope the ‘right one’ will make up his/her mind…or does that make it the wrong one? Perhaps someone else is the right one? Or? I’m confused….

Smart City

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New magazine front page for Mandag Morgen. Smart City. The emergence of tech savvy, connected, super hub cities, sqeaky clean…is it all to good to be true?

Missing out

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Miss outIllustration for Verdens Gang. Missing out. The social media craze. People’s addiction to Facebook, twitter etc etc makes them loose out on the real things in life. The BIG moments, like life itself.


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New illustration for Verdens Gang. Tweet. How similar are humans to animals? The article focuses on birds, why they sing, and if they enjoy singing. It talks about how humans have a need to humanize animals and give them human traits.

Mobile Love

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MobileRelationship illustration for Verdens Gang. Mobile Love. This man has taken his need for online acceptance way to far…

Say sorry

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sorryIllustration for Verdens Gang. Say sorry. The art of saying sorry…and mean it! Or at least look and sound like you mean it.


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mazeIllustration for Verdens Gang. Labyrinth. Communication problems. Getting stuck. Not willing to think new or apologize.


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RelationshipRelationship advice illustration for Verdens Gang. Juggling. Illustration based on a letter lamenting the modern relationship. Anyway, who says men cant multitask?


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JackieReview illustration for Bergens Tidende. Jackie. Movie review of the film ‘Jackie’.


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Path to FutureNew illustration for The Financial Times. Robots. The very bad side of AI technology. Giving robots too much control can be the last thing we do.