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Letters from a Prison

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Brev fra bergen fengselFeature illustration for Bergens Tidende. Letters from a Prison. A moving collection of letters written by inmates, prison officers an family members.


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SjakkspillereNew Illustration for BT. Chess.  Book review illustration about the quirky world of chess.

Decline of the Manly Man

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treIllustration for Bergens Tidende. Illustration for an article on The decline of the Manly Man. Modern man’s identity is under threat! Or is it? really?

Digital currency

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digital-currencyNew illustration for The Financial Times. Digital currency. The banking high street has changed significantly over the last 10 years. Digital currency and especially Bitcoin has pushed the banks to think new. Evolve or perish.

Folk Music

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BjellaNew illustration for Bergens Tidende. Folk Music: This is Bjella, a Norwegian folk/country musician, posing in front of his beloved village of Ål.


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bok, forfatter, sorg, tap, doed, familie, foedsel, baby, sammen, trist

New full page review illustration for Bergens Tidende. Book Review. Grief. How to cope with the death of a partner who just gave birth to your child.


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pharmacistIllustration for Geisinger Magazine. Pharmacist. Editorial illustration. How pharmacists have become an integral part of the care team for patients with chronic conditions.

The Golden Age

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utopiaNew illustration for Verdens Gang (VG) .The Golden Age. Title/typography illustration. How everything was ‘supposedly’ better before and the need some people have to recreate it.

Bergen Assembly 2016

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New illustration for Bergens Tidende. Bergen Assembly 2016. Art festival review. Bergen wants to be the most important art city in Norway.


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bok, boeker, bibliotek, lese, lesestoff, litteratur, dame, bibliotekar

New illustration for Bergens Tidende. Books. Review illustration for this autumn’s vast book review.